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Pentagon Consulting Associates is your complete resource for personal, professional, and experienced small business and technology consulting services. We apply big business knowledge and experience: from a large corporation, governmental agency, or small business owner’s unique needs.

From providing short-term business advice to becoming your long-term consulting partner, we can help increase your productivity and let you concentrate on what you do best.

Combining two decades of wide-ranging business experience and a personal entrepreneurial perspective, Pentagon Consulting Associates can be your competitive edge.

The car and fleet washing industry dynamics are rapidly and continually changing as growth occurs. This may result in high stress and lower profits and cash flow from the turbulent waters while managing people, money, markets, and processes. We have identified the following five tracks that we find most businesses can classify themselves into, based on situations described in them. Whether your company is a family business, a small business, or a mid-size business, PCA works with other companies like yours. We are experts in “the business of being in business.”

Professional Car Washing, Fleet Washing, Large Vehicle Appearance Care or any other type of vehicle washing needs…Pentagon is there!

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